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Fri Oct 5 11:21:45 CDT 2001

On Fri, 5 Oct 2001, Max Kalika wrote:

> "Phil Stracchino" <alaric at babcom.com> wrote
> > "Managed" = "Y" in wine.conf doesn't do it for you.....?
> Works perfectly!  Thank you.  (Somehow I glazed over that option).
> I have another question for the list:  Has anyone gotten cygwin working
> under wine?  I can install it fine, but running it gives me problems.  A
> window flashes and then the rxvt window where I launched wine from gets
> scrambled -- becomes black on black (can't see what I'm typing).
> Thanks again.
Wine still has palette problems with some X servers in 8bpp mode.  If
you can figure out what the problems are, feel free to fix them, or
point them out on wine-devel.  In the Mean Time, using a different color
depth might provide relief.  I use "xinit -- -bpp 16" to evade the
problem with a Mach64.

"startx -- -bpp 16" if that is what you are used to, or you can set
DefaultColorDepth in XF86Config.

Of course, that might not be the problem that is troubling you, but in
case it might help...


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