Wine and a newbie

phrostie pfrostie at
Fri Oct 5 18:14:50 CDT 2001

generally speaking Mandrake is the easiest to setup for a newbie.
it still requires you to read a little documentation and think, but is not 
too bad.  Mdk 8.1 is the current release.

the others are good and have their strong points, but mdk is a good place to 

as for MS office 2000, there is already a thread about that in this news 
you would do good to read it.

FWIW, i use Abiword and staroffice.

good luck with the change over.

On Friday 05 October 2001 16:14, you wrote:
> Im about to move over from Windows 98 to a version of Linux.
> Can anyone be so kind to tell me what distribution of Linux is best for me,
> and also works well with Wine.
> I would like to use Wine to use MS Ofiice 2000 and MS Office XP when its
> released.
> Thanks!
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