Internet connection detection

Michael Chasse jondays at
Sat Oct 6 15:17:31 CDT 2001


I'm trying to run a program called "Internet Call Waiting". This program 
tells me when someone calls me on my phone line and give me the choice to 
hang up to answer or to continue surfing. I'm able to load the program with 
wine but the software stays in a "Waiting internet connection" state. What 
puzzles me is that I'm able to emulate and use programs such as Terminal 
(modem), cuteftp32, telnet, etc. and they work perfectly. I'm not saying 
that I'm using those progs but I emulated them only for test purposes.

Here what it does in windows:
When I start the program, I have a little icon in the tray. The program is 
waiting for internet connection (like icq) and when I'm online, the icon 
turns green and I'm able to know when somebody calls me.

Here what it does in Linux:
Before starting the program, I make sure that my internet connection is 
active. Then I make wine --managed CallWaiting.exe   The program loads 
WITHOUT any error (even when I make wine --managed --debugmsg +relay 
CallWaiting.exe) and I can see it in my tray. I can go in every menu of the 
program, like in windows but the icon does not turn green, meaning that it 
thinks that I'm not online. 

I know that this program needs winsock2. In fact, when I make wine 
--debugmsg + relay, I can see some calls to winsock with no erros in 
return. With every call the program do to winsock, I see no error and the 
program is still waiting for internet connection.

My system:
I'm running RedHat 7.1, with kde 2.1.1 on kernel release 2.4.2-2. My wine 
is Wine release 20010824

If you need more informations (I'm sure you do), only tell me what I have 
to do.

Thank you,

Michael Chasse 

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