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Peter McConnell pmcconne at
Sun Oct 7 23:08:33 CDT 2001

> My Wine distribution is an rpm : wine-20010930-1.i386.rpm. I don't how
> to run the setup procedure. In /usr/bin I have the entries
> wine, wineclipsrv,, winelauncher, wineserver,
> winebuild, winedbg, winedump, winemaker and  wineshelllink.
> Jørgen Heesche
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open your  /home/user/.wine/config       file and where it
says swapi = "builtin,native"
either remove builtin or reverse there order.

As far as I am concered the latest codeweavers version of wine is worth
to download I have run exporer 5.5 netscape4.08 windows media player
office 97 and quicken v7.0 and winzip
although I only wanted to run windows media player


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