Age Your Wine In Minutes Not Years

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>JhnKng wrote:
>> Let your favorite wine age in minutes...instead of years. My Personal
>> Sommelier; improves virtually any wine in less than 30 minutes. It will
>> bring out the maturity and subtlety that the vineyard intended.
>So after using this on my Linux box will Wine run all Windows XP
>applications flawlessly? Although to be fair, Wine has been
>maturing nicely this past year.

Indeed, and some of its apps behave quite tastily. :-)

(Side point: I'll be glad when VxDs vanish entirely from
code used in Windows application.  Once that's no longer an issue,
Wine should be able to run just about anything
Windows-related.  :-)  At least on an x86 box.  Presumably,
someone's doing work on running it on non-x86 boxes using
some sort of x86 emulator such as Bochs -- I can't say I've
kept track.)


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