How to install MS Media Player 7.1 under wine?

Craig Ringer craig at
Tue Oct 9 22:14:16 CDT 2001

Alexander Noack wrote:

> Hi!
> How can I install Media Player 7.1 under wine? I don't have a windows
> partition, and I cannot install internet explorer, because the install of
> IE5 crashes either.
> regards,

I'd be very suprised if it worked at all. MS has this lovely habit of 
making their app installers and updaters make changes to the guts of the 
OS (ever installed word2000 and noticed that ie has been updated, etc 
etc etc??). This makes it hard to install under wine because the 
installer is expecting bizarre undocumented files and registry keys, 
trying to alter bits of windows that - unsuprisingly - aren't there, 
etc. MS does not make well behaved installers that keep the changes to 
their own directory and registry subtree.

That said, hey it could happen. You might be able to use cabextract to 
get the installer files out of the archive too.


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