word 2k works fine except file operations..

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>the ONLY thing I cannot do is file/open and file/save - file/open doesnt
>do jack shit and file/save keeps telling me I have a incorrect
>anybody else? is this a general problem or Im messing something up?

I'm wondering if this is a custom Common File Dialog issue.
Word and Office dialogs look different on my Win2k system
from the "standard" ones.

I originally wrote programs/cmdlgtst for testing of Common File Dialogs,
but did not get around to including code for testing
therein.  So I feel partly responsible.  :-)

(Never mind whether they work in Wine yet -- cmdlgtst.exe can't
even call 'em.)

There are also issues with CC_ENABLE*, FR_ENABLE*,
CF_ENABLE*, and PD_ENABLE*.  Ideally, cmdlgtst would be
able to handle all of these.  (It can set the flags, but
that's about all at the moment.)

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