Problem: No Serial ports present

Raul Dias chaos at
Wed Oct 10 18:34:31 CDT 2001

>After installation I allowed direct read/write to COM ports in
>wine.conf, but the program complains there are no COM ports at all.
>If I run wine --debugmsg +file +relay, I get something like wine works
>with COM2 (COM1 is mouse) and missing wineoss.drv, MFC42LOC.DLL and
>How can I successfully detect my ports in Wine ?
>Can you recommend, what to do now ? I played with it maybe a week
>without any success.

maybe what you need is an older version of wine.

I have some problems with serial port devices that works with
wine 20001026, but not with versions later than that.

Sometime after 20001026, wine had a major change in the serial
part that caused this problem.

The result I have with this app and later wines is that I don't
have a serial port.

Raul Dias

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