Wine never loads (GL Library...)

Barry n00bie at
Thu Oct 11 21:12:53 CDT 2001

Hello. Okay, I did a bit of searching around for this, and haven't found 
anything on it, as of yet. Before now, wine has always run perfectly (after 
editing the config file first of course)... but I've got a few system 
changes which may affect it. Anyways, first, here's the message I get:

[n00bie at localhost n00bie]$ cd /mnt/windows/windows
[n00bie at localhost windows]$ wine calc.exe
Loading required GL library /usr/X11R6/lib/

Then wine just never starts... no error messages, no GUI closings, no 
screen resets... none of that fun documented stuff, just a simple "not 
starting". I've let it sit for several minutes before, and nothing.... I 
can close the terminal window, so I doubt it's locked up, just waiting for 

Now, my current system setup (software anyways) is windows 95 and Mandrake 
8.1 (yeah, I'm dumb).

I've been having some opengl problems in Windows 95 itself... I recently 
trashed WinME (because it's a useless piece of crap for those of us who 
still use dos occasionally), and in Win95, when I go to start Quake 3 
(demo), it gives me an error about 3dfgvgl.dll. I was curious if the two 
may be related.... if so, then I should probably put more effort into 
fixing the win95 error, eh?

I have also freshly installed Mandrake 8.1... I was using 8.1 RC1 
originally. When I installed it, I searched for, and found Mesa, and 
installed that (which I have yet to see how much good it did.... I've 
always had problems with standard Linux programs that use openGL).

Hardware-wise, I have a VooDoo 3 16meg card, 128megs ram, and an 
overclocked Duron 700 at 803MHz (ram's also overclocked to 142MHz, not that I 
think it would matter.... didn't before).

Any help is greatly appreciated... it's something that has been somewhat 
lacking as far as GL help goes.... no-one seems to know, but it always 
seems to work (excluding of course, me, and a few dozen other people). 

BTW: If any other info would be helpful, please ask.... I'll be glad to 
give it.

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