Chris Hocking hocking at
Fri Oct 12 18:48:42 CDT 2001

Dear WINE Users/Programmers/Developers,

I am currently starting a new project called BoxOS. We are going to try
port the WINE System to a FreeDOS Enviroment.

Here is a more information on the project:

The BoxOS Kernel is based upon FreeDOS Beta 7 ("SPEARS"). That version of
FreeDOS includes the Kernel 2023b and sys updated to 2024h and the FreeCom
0.82 updated to 0.83beta28. We have edited these Kernel's a fair bit.

We are then going to port the Linux Redhat 2.4 Kernel into the FreeDOS
Kernel. Thus giving the Kernel support to communicate with Linux-based

The next step is to make the newly made kernel able to run WINE
(wine20011004). This will involve a lot of tweaking, etc.

Once that is complete we are going to build a Graphical User Interface and
a Console User Interface. These will be built in both C++ and QBX (Quick
Basic Extended). The reason for QBX, because it's fast, simple and if used
correctly has a fair amount of power.

We will design the GUI and CUI to look and feel like like all Microsoft
Windows(tm) like operating systems. But ofcourse we will try to give our OS
more power.

We will also look into porting the ReactOS project into our BoxOS. The
ReactOS (0.0.18) project is an effort to try make an OS compadible of
running Windows NT applications and drivers.

Once completed we will add support for different file systems. This will be
accomplished by making seperate files for each file system. For example
fat32.fs, fat16.fs. These files will contain all the needed information
about the file system and will be loaded on boot via the Kernel. This will
add support for new file systems as they arise.

More technical information can be found by contact me via e-mail.

At the momment we are trying to attract FreeDOS and WINE programmers and
ex-programmers. If you are interested then please contact us.

Please do not regard this e-mail as spamming your newsgroup. It is
relievent and would help out the WINE community if the venture is ever

Thanks for listening!

Chris Hocking (hocking at

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