x-plane, dsound, directx 8

Debian User cone at moritz.mine.nu
Sun Oct 14 03:23:52 CDT 2001

May be you should read slashdot more freqently ... ;))

here : X-Plane Flight Simulator For Linux
Posted by timothy  on Saturday October 13, @03:59PM
from the ich-fliege dept.
sho-gun writes: "It seems that Austin Meyer, creator of X-Plane , is
going to be porting his simulator to Linux. X-Plane is an incredible
flight simulator which models flight dynamics by using blade-element
theory. Many big companies use X-Plane for development. Currently
only the support programs (the programs that build the planes,
scenery, airfoils) are available but the full application should be
available soon, according to the website. Along side with the
open-sourced Flightgear, this certainly is good news for flight
simulator fans that use Linux."

you can download the linux port @ http://www.x-plane.com 



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