Black+White and Total Annihilation

Skeldof skeldof-SPAMME at
Sun Oct 14 15:23:07 CDT 2001

Hey all

I've been trying to get Black and White running under wine. I stick the
CD in the drive (wine programs can usually use it), cd to my BnW folder,
run "wine runblack.exe", twiddle my thumbs and it tells me to turn off
the debugger. So I try again with "wine --debugmsg -all runblack.exe".
This just results in the same thing, also printing one "FixMe.." message.
Surly, if I say no debugging, why is the program complaining, and why
does wine still give a FixMe? Maybe I'm just stupid? As for RTFM, that's
no use, from what I can tell I'm doing the right thing

Also, Total Annihilation. It's an old game, not OpenGL, and actually runs
(yeepee). But, the only button that works during the game is Shift. The
rest are just dead. Is there anything I can do here?

I'm running Codeweavers wine 20010626-4, under Mandrake 8.1, on an AMD
1.1 with Geforce2 GTS (nvidia drivers).

Any suggestions welcome (apart from trying to read those fscking manuals)


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