another ttyS0 acces problem ;-)

Andreas Mohr Usenet 10/01 a31dgo001 at
Tue Oct 16 02:57:07 CDT 2001

Japie <House-Mouse at> wrote:
> Not the same as the other treath, but also an tty access problem.
> I have an old an cheap digital camera wich isn't supported by gphoto(2).
> I can get the program running under wine only it shows me:

> err:dosfs:DOSFS_CreateCommPort Couldn't open /dev/ttyS0,115200 ! (check permissions)
> err:file:CreateFileA Couldn't open device 'COM1'!

config bug !
"/dev/ttyS0,115200" *can't* be opened, that's just plain normal.

Fix ~/.wine/config to use a sane /dev/ttyS0 in serialports.


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