Dead keys on Wine

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Tue Oct 16 03:12:03 CDT 2001


I use wine (release 20010824) for Lotus Notes R5 and sometimes Winzip. It works
fine with some customizations and in desktop mode instead of managed window
My problem is that I am French and I cannot use dead keys which is very annoying
with french language.
For example a 'e' with a circumflex accent is usually obtained by typing
successively '^' and 'e'. In wine it doesn't work and I simply get '^e' instead
of 'ê'. Of course, the dead keys work correctly in other X applications. I must
also precise that my french keyboard is well recognized by Wine (no error
message at startup).
I have tried to use xmodmap to affect some key to the 'ê' or 'â' and then a '²'
is displayed in wine instead of the letters.
Has anybody encountered this problem? Is there a known solution?
Thank you for any answer,

Roland Baudin
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