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keith frost pfrostie at yahoo.com
Tue Oct 16 09:52:50 CDT 2001

I've gotten that with one of mine as well.
the -desktop option is obsolete.  instead go into the
.wine/config and set the desktop from there.

addmittedly, this does not solve my problem.  i still
get the error.  the application will not run without
the user32.dll being present, but even if i set 
user32 = builtin, it still gives me the message that i
have conflicting user32s and to expect trouble.  then
it crashes shortly there after.

if you can get it to startup and not see the native
user32 that would probably be more productive.

hope that helps.


--- yves-gablin at ifrance.com wrote:
> Hi,
> I'm attempting to star Wine (as root). What does it
> mean when Wine-20011004 tells me that I need the
> "-desktop option to use the native USER" ? (start
> fails then)
> I don't understand because my install is Wine-only
> (no Windows so built-in should prevail over native),
> the .wine directory and the C: drive are all
> ./tools/wineinstall -generated.
> My config is Mandrake8.1 kernel 2.4(.7 I think) with
> devFS (dynamic /dev).
> Bye,
> Yves Gablin.
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