Segfaults, winebuild, and glibc 2.2.3

Noah M. pkk28mqrkjfo6o001 at
Tue Oct 16 19:25:05 CDT 2001

I just upgraded my Linux box to glibc 2.2.3.  Before the upgrade (glibc
2.1.92), wine compiled and ran beautifully.  After, however, winebuild
segfaults for no apparent reason.  Upon running ldd, I found that it is
properly loading all libraries.  I do have one question, however.  Does
the package glibc-profile have any effect on this?  If it does, problem
(probably) solved.  Otherwise, I'm still stuck.

Kernel: 2.4.9-0.18custom
glibc: 2.2.3
gcc: 2.96-85

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