Réf. : Re: Dead keys on Wine

gerard patel g.patel at wanadoo.fr.invalid
Wed Oct 17 09:18:46 CDT 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001 12:36:46 +0200, Roland.Baudin at space.alcatel.fr

>Ok, but isn't there any workaround, by using xmodmap or something else ?

I don't know nearly enough about X-Window to answer to that.
I don't care much since I don't use any program under Wine
where this matters much, like a word processing program.

If I had a big problem, there is always cut & paste :


I use ForteFreeAgent under Wine and these characters 
appear correctly in the application edit control (I don't know 
how they appear to you after being gone though Usenet
and your news software, but it's another problem).

It's not a solution you want to use too often, obviously :-)
Maybe some macro system under Lotus Notes could do
the same while being easier ?


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