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Wed Oct 17 13:13:51 CDT 2001

I added "GraphicsDriver" = "ttydrv" to my config file and now it works under cron. Thanks.

>>> lawson_whitney at 10/17/01 12:50PM >>>
On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Brett Simpson wrote:

> I am currently using Windows self extractor from the command line and it works great to convert zip files to windows exe's. The issue I'm having is if I try and cron this through a shell scipt it complains with the following
> + wine '/usr/share/wine-c/Program Files/WinZip Self-Extractor/WinZIPse.EXE' /y /le /overwrite 'Z:\home\mcsops\scripts\ctyctr4\sys\chhs\GROUPS\ED3TPA\'
> x11drv: Can't open display:
> This command works great when I run the shell script manually it just gives me the error when I add it to cron. I'm currently running Redhat 7.2 with Wine build 20010629 under KDE 2.2.1.
If the app doesn't need the display,

"GraphicsDriver" = "ttydrv"

This will make a mess of any app that does need the display, that is why
there is a WINEPREFIX you can set to use different config files for
different apps.

If the app does need the display, I guess you will have to set
DISPLAY=0:0 or something in your crontab and make sure that user is
authorized to use the display.

> Thanks.
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panic: detected rogue system administrator!!
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