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Wed Oct 17 16:13:49 CDT 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, daniel huhardeaux wrote:

> Hi,
> [Drive C]
> "Path" = "/usr/share/wine-c"
> "Type" = "hd"
> "Label" = "MS-DOS"
> "Filesystem" = "win95"
> [wine]
> ...
> "path" = "c:\\windows;c:\\windows\\system;c:\\har\\sys;e:\\;f:\\"
> So my question is:
> 1) why path is not taking care of my directories

"Path" is where Wine looks for executables if you or a program you run
tries to launch one without a path name.  Like the shell environment
PATH=, which also confuses *nix newbies, it has nothing to do with file
operations as such.

> 2) is [programs] chapter out of date?

No, but the sample config file where you found it is.  Look in
<wine>/documentation/samples/config.  <wine> of course is the directory
where you put the Wine source.  If you used an rpm or some dam' thing,
try looking around in /usr/[share]/doc/wine-*/samples/ or so.

> 3) which solution I have (ok, to work from this directory)

What is wrong with that?
> Thanks for any help

panic: detected rogue system administrator!!
---cut here

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