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Wed Oct 17 19:46:43 CDT 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001 22:35:21 GMT, Randy Heineke <rbheineke at>

>gerard patel wrote:
>> >2. If I have no Microsoft Windows, should there not be any Windows
>> >registry?
>Without a Microsoft windows installation, should one expect a message
>no Default Taskbar?  

Yes. It is my understanding (but I may be wrong) that
this particular entry was not added to the winedefault.reg
on purpose, to allow testing of native registry.

>> >3. What does it mean to "live with" no original registry entries.
>> basically living with means accepting what you
>> can't change.
>I wasn't looking for incite ;-). I wanted more insight into the
>consequences of not having registry entries.
>e.g. wine will work, or, any windows application that I want to run
>would have to be "installed" to get the registry

But for a few exceptions, no application specific registry entry
is added to winedefault.reg. The stuff available in winedefault.reg
mostly emulates what is available in a default, blank Windows
So you have to install, yes. This is a problem - currently - for
recent programs using InstallShield 6.

>> >4. This has me wondering if wine's version of these .dll's (0 size)
>> >should be bigger?
>> What do you mean by that ? Wine does not have dll
>> file. Wine libraries are .so files.
>Well Wine was complaining about shell32.dll and I could find a 
>~/.wine/fake_windows/Windows/System/shell32.dll but it contains 0 bytes

This is not done by Wine. Maybe by the installer of the package
you use. It should be ignored if everything is setup as builtin
in the ~/.wine/config (as it should if you don't have a windows

>> This should not happen if setup correctly, but you seem
>> to use a tool that is obsolete since a long time.
>is winesetuptk obsolete? 

>I got it from a page saying that regapi was no longer needed

I have to do a google search to find it then ?
regapi not needed ? Maybe, but very useful still.
<snip trace>

Well, this trace is not very interesting, granted :-)
Just set up everything as builtin in config file


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