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Wed Oct 17 21:32:39 CDT 2001

On Wed, 17 Oct 2001, Randy Heineke wrote:

> Please help,
> I Did my best at following instructions and reading documentation
> and newsgroups but am still confused.  I have some questions:
> I have no windows partition or MicroSoft Windows.
> I have /c, /c/Program_Files.....
> I did run winesetuptk to generate some registries

I don't know what winesetupk is, so take this with a grain of salt.
The only registry entries Wine has to give you are in winedefault.reg,
and they got there by somebody figuring out from the behavior and
content of a windows program that it wanted to see them, making up a
patch, and contributing it to Wine.

> When I run winecheck I get
> 021. Checking availability of windows registry entries...   CRITICAL
> (entry "Default Taskbar" not found).
> - ADVICE: Windows registry does not seem to be added to Wine. This can
> affect many newer programs. Original registry entries won't be available
> with a no-windows install, of course, so you'll have to live with that..
> The advice offers no action,
> but seems to imply adding registry entries to wine,
> which I thought winsetuptk handled.
> I do have ~/.wine/system.reg, ~/.wine/user.reg and ~/.wine/userdef.reg
> 1. Is the Default Taskbar really Critical?

winecheck thinks it is.  I don't have one, nor even know what a Taskbar
> 2. If I have no Microsoft Windows, should there not be any Windows
> registry?
> 3. What does it mean to "live with" no original registry entries.
Some apps may not be happy, and may behave badly.  To "live
with" something is to bear it with good grace.
> I also went ahead and tried to execute something.
> I seem to have run into some basic .dll issue,
> that may not need winedbg.
> When trying to execute wine e.g.
>  wine --winver win95 ./KG35WINDEMO.EXE
> the results is:err:module:fixup_imports Module (file) ole32.dll needed
> by shell32.dll not found
> err:module:load_library can't load shell32.dll
> err:seh:UnhandledExceptionFilter Couldn't start debugger
> (debugger/winedbg 134633336 60) (2)
> Read the Wine Developers Guide on how to set up winedbg or another
> debugger
> 4. This has me wondering if wine's version of these .dll's (0 size)
> should be bigger?

Where are you finding 0 size dlls?  /c/windows/system ?
Wines's version of these .dll's are named and
and they typically live in /usr/local/lib, unless whoever made up the
package (.rpm, .deb, or whatever) decided to put them somewhere else
to confuse me, or you ./configured wine with a different --prefix=
> 5. Is this complaining because wine needs the Windows .dll's?

The only way Wine needs Windows .dll's is if the Wine Administrator
tells it to use them.
> 6. If there is some dll override setting that should be altered?

Maybe.  For a true "no windows" wine, this is all you need in
"*" = "builtin, so, native"

Apps written in Visual C or whatever uses msvcrt will crash trying to
use the wine builtin, however, at least juno does.  But its installer
installs its own copy of msvcrt, so I can use

"msvcrt"       = "native, builtin, so"
"*"            = "builtin, so, native"
> Thanks in advance for your help,
> Randy



panic: detected rogue system administrator!!
---cut here

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