How to install MS Media Player 7.1 under wine?

Alexander Noack jali0 at
Thu Oct 18 17:35:59 CDT 2001

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paljsingh at (jpsingh) wrote:
> I myself tried for that & still I'm struggling to run it under wine...
> but anyway, now I'm happy with MPlayer... try that one...
> -jpsingh
> "Alexander Noack" <jali0 at> wrote in message
> news:<9puq15$vv6$00$1 at>...

I now install MPlayer 6.4. It runs, but whaen I try to open a file /
stream it says: "Windows Media Player cannot open. You may reboot to
complete the installation" How can I get along with this problem?

[jali0 at]

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