ttyS0 access

lawson_whitney at lawson_whitney at
Thu Oct 18 17:57:19 CDT 2001

| Hello,
| 	I just remove the recent instaled wine and install an older
| 	version (20010626) of codeweavers wine and all its runnig
| 	ok. Then I beleave there is a problem in the new version
| 	of wine. Because the codeweavers is runnig as in devfs as
| 	without it.

If that is true, it is called a regression, and there is some nice doco
in <wine>/documentation/cvs-regression.sgml about how you can help track
it down and get it fixed.  Look for a recent version:  Gerard Patel
troubled himself to bring it up to date on October 16 of this year.

| 	When I uninstall the code waevers and reinstall the new version
| 	of winehq, unmodifing the .wine/config, the problem returns. My

What do you mean by ^^^^^ this?

| 	application cannot open the serial port, but fuser is saying
| 	the wine is using the port. No information on shell where I
| 	call wine, now.
| 	Thanks for all, I hope my problem can aid in anythink to
| 	wine project.
At this point it is just your problem - I don't have an app that fails
in this way, so if you want to help fix it, run the app with the
current version of wine, with the option --debugmsg +comm,+file
capture the stderr output and show it to us.

Sort of like this (I don't know how the app is spelled, so you'll have
to fix that part):

wine --debugmsg +comm,+file app.exe 2>&1 | tee ~/logfile

If ~/logfile is very big, it might be nice to gzip and attach it.


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