Wine & Cups printing

Richard Knight rick at
Thu Oct 18 18:05:29 CDT 2001

I have a strange problem with Wine (20010824) and Cups (1.1.10). I have 
removed LPRng and it's various parts from my RH 7.1/KDE-2.2.1 system and 
installed Cups. I've set up all of my printers under Cups (two 
Laserjets, both PS and two inkjet, not PS) and they all work great with 
my linux apps and even with Corel WPO2K for Linux, but under Wine I 
can't get the two inkjets to work. The printers show up in the print 
dialog and when I click on OK to print the job, it seems to work, but 
all i get out of the inkjet printers is a Postscript error message...

Error: /undefinedresult in --dev--
Operand stack:
72   0
Execution stack:
(these line are stair-steppedaccross the page)

Wine outputs the following error repeatedly...

err:psdrv:get_phys_page_size Paper size not properly set for 'HP850C'

All the page size settings I can find are set to LETTER and I changed 
init.c in wine/dlls/wineps to LETTER also.

I don't know what else to try.

Can anyone help out here?

Rick Knight
(rick at

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