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Fri Oct 19 04:20:10 CDT 2001

"gerard patel" <g.patel at> a écrit dans le message news:
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> >(I run it with wine --debugmsg +file)
> Do you think it will help Wine to find files ?

    No, but to find out whats happen, yes!

> Write a shell script to change the current directory to
> the one to need and launch wine after.

    Ok. But now imagine that my program has to work with files in
d:\another\directory. Will it be able to find them or in this case I have to
add this directory(ies) to wine path?

> >But if I go in /usr/share/wine-c/har/sys it =
> >worked. I read in a sample config file that there is option [programs] =
> >which allows you to run a per default program or to define a default =
> >directory. Not working too.
> I don't see what you are talking about. Which sample file ?

    Sample file from corel wine But it seams that this is out of date.


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