wine network map problem

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Fri Oct 19 06:24:39 CDT 2001

Vijai .G <vijai at> wrote:

> Hi 

> I have instlled codeweaver's wine in RH 7.1 Machine

> From A Linux Machine I Mounted a Apllication Share Folder which is in

> Share Folder is \\DFGServer\ImageEntry in the WINNT side. I Mounted 
> this in Linux and Configured inside wine As I:\ Drive. 

> When I Start the Application The Gui comesup. After I Enter User Name 
> It Says Userdatabase file Not Found and Exits.

> When I Look at the wine Log it Shows unable to open
> \\DFGServer\ImageEntry\Logs\UserDB.dat. 

> but this file exist in I:\Logs\UserDB.dat. 
Err, yeah, BUT:
it's requesting it as \\DFGServer\stuff !
UNC pathname handling is still not implemented yet in Wine.
Somebody should *really* implement this in some way by interfacing with
Samba in order to get data from non-mounted servers...
Several programs *require* this and thus fail to run.
And no, I won't do it. I've got a hell of a lot of other things to do.
But I'd be glad to help someone really interested in and capable of
getting this to work.

Andreas Mohr, Renningen, Germany
In case you need to contact me after expiry of temporary email address:
my real address is (initial of first name).(last name)

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