pc freezes when trying to load hl

Daniel Sabo sorry at nospam.com
Fri Oct 19 20:00:10 CDT 2001

In article <Hj4TQ3MWBHA.227 at fnews1.vi-internet.de>, "Tilman Jeske"
<t_jeske at gmx.de> wrote:

> hi there,
> i read a lot here, but i didn't found any answer for my prolem:
> my system is mandake 8.0 final
> i compiled the wine-20010305 using ./configure --enable-opengl
> --prefix=/usr then used make and after that make install. everything
> seems to work (i can run the hl-installer).

Try 20010510 or the latest CVS (NOT the latest release though).

> so, now, when i mount my cdrom and then do wine SETUP.EXE in the
> cdrom-dir, first, the sierra logo appears and it goes up to 99% and
> ending with an empty error. now i switch to the console window i started
> SETUP.EXE with, press Ctrl+C and run wine SETUP.EXE again. now it goes
> like it has to go (sound test works, installation completes without
> hanging or an error).
> after everything finished, i changed to the hl directory (in my case
> it's /usr/local/wine/games/hl/) and type
> wine -desktop hl.exe -- hl.exe -console -windowed and then, when i press
> enter, a black window appears and after i short time the monitor freezes
> (can't move mouse or swtich to other windows using Alt-TAB) and nothing
> works. i have to press the reset button. the console window reads,
> before everything is hanging sometimes AVITIME still running! What
> should I do?

That's not the issue, but I does prove that something is running (it's an
error about playing the logo in the HL main screen.)

> or sometimes it ends up just with stub. what could that be?
> which packages should be installed for compiling?????

Are you sure OpenGL is set up right? Try it w/o -desktop and maybe with
Save the output to a log file, wine -managed -- hl.exe -console -windowed > log.

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