NJSTAR Hangs up

Brian Sutin wine_user at hotmail.com
Sun Oct 21 14:02:39 CDT 2001

I was trying to run the demo program for NJSTAR, a Chinese software
program for Windoze (www.njstar.com).  I am running 20011021 on RH7.1.
I got:

fixme:mpr:WNetGetUserA ((null), 0x405962d0, 0x405962cc): mostly stub
err:listview:LISTVIEW_WindowProc unknown msg be10 wp=00430001 lp=00010043
err:listview:LISTVIEW_WindowProc unknown msg be10 wp=00430002 lp=00010043

and then it hangs up.  A window is on the screen which says, "Preparing
wizard, please wait."  I waited a long time while it burned up processor

Is there anything I can do, or is the patient a lost cause?

Thanks for any tips,

Brian Sutin

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