/proc/sys/fs/binfmt_misc/register: no such file or directory

gerard patel g.patel at wanadoo.fr.invalid
Sun Oct 21 18:52:03 CDT 2001

On Sun, 21 Oct 2001 21:34:46 GMT, "Alukard Vrykolakas"
<nobody at myemail.com> wrote:

>I noticed in the init files windows script has
>modprobe binfmt in it... I'm wondering if replacing this with the mount
>command  I mentioned in my original post might help me get this back in the
>Any ideas... thanks...

Is your problem with Wine or binfmt ? If the latter,
you are not posting on the best news group (it's the
first time I see a post about using binfmt since 3 years
I am following this newsgroup)
FYI I have absolutely no idea what could be a windows
service under RedHat.

If you believe that your problem is with Wine, please
test if first separately from binfmt.


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