Trying to startup Wine

Larry Alkoff larryalk at
Sun Oct 21 18:00:34 CDT 2001

Grr, my RoadRunner connection won't post so here it is by a POTS line

lawson_whitney at wrote:

> On Sun, 21 Oct 2001, Larry Alkoff wrote:
> > I have downloaded the source (wine-20011004),
> > compiled and installed with ~/wine-20011004/tools/
> > and am attempting to start running it.
> >
> You didn't.  There is no such file.  If that is a typo for install-sh,
> there is no way that compiled and installed Wine.  Maybe it is a typo
> for tools/wineinstall?  If it is not, go back and innstall Wine with
> something that does compile and install it, either tools/wineinstall or
> ./configure && make depend && make && make install.
> >
Please forgive my error _and_ the typo.  That makes 2 errors!
Yes, I should have typed install-sh
but in fact I compiled with tools/wininstall
and then said (in error) (sp).

> > My first try, as suggested in the docs, is /windows/sol.exe
> > from a terminal in KDE
> > and the error message I get is:
> > Gtk-WARNING **: cannot open display:
> >
> That is not a Wine message, I think.

I got sol.exe running ok.

> > I compiled and installed as root - that may have been a mistake.
> > However, I have a /root/.wine subdirectory with config and some other files.

What about installing as root?  Am I fubar?
I have changed the ownership of the files in /usr/local/bin and lib
from root to my normal username and things seem to work better.

> >
> I don't know how you might be doing this by accident, but generally if
> you start X with startx, only the user who started X is allowed to open
> the display.  root should not do anything it doesn't absolutely have to
> do anyway.  You can copy root's .wine/config to the home directory of
> the user who started X, you might have to chown it too, so it owns it,
> and let it try running wine - it should run regapi setValue <
> <wine>/winedefault.reg first, or copy root's ~/.wine/*.reg files.

I copied the /root/.wine/config  to ~/.wine
and changed the ownership.
Should I copy the rest of the files?

> > I think some obvious step is missing but cannot think of what after reading
> > the various docs several times.
> >
> The doco is all written with the mistaken assumption that wine users
> know how to work a *nix system.  Wine is simply a [big, hairy] *nix X
> application program.
> > My ultimate goal (besides sol.exe!) is to run my dos programs, agent and
> > pmmail.

It's the dos programs I really want.  Particularly I want to run
a windowed dos session with my choice of 4dos as a command processor
instead of  And set up my own path.
 Then all my batch files and dos programs will work as normal in
But I can't find anything on setting up such a windowed session.

Surely I don't have to setup a link or run programs from the KDE run
line each time?

> >
> > Can you hep me?
> >
> > Larry Alkoff N2LA
> >
> Lawson

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