A couple of Questions

Peter Rundle peter.rundle at au.interpath.net
Sun Oct 21 18:56:55 CDT 2001


Just a couple of Q's

1. When I used the --managed argument not all windows are managed. This
can be really annoying when you have multiple desktops because the splash
screen of some windows apps or even the application itself stick to
every desktop and are always on top. Is there anyway that you can force all
windoze windows ;-) to be managed by the X window manager?

2. Wine is not e-sound daemon aware or even able to re-direct sound using

   "$ esddsp wine win-amp"
It appears that wine needs to lock the /dev/dsp device. Are there any plans
to support esd or some other solution to sound card sharing and remote /
network sound? E.g remote X-terminal with speakers I login to the server but
DISPLAY and ESPEAKER are set to the X-terminal. Then I run gqmpeg and the
display and sound comes out on the X-terminal. But with any wine application
(with sound) this doesn't work. In fact wine apps with sound won't run if
esd is running. Does anyone know of any ideas/solutions/concepts for wine
in this area?



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