Word and ppt viewers work with Wine???

Craig Chandler craig.chandler at interdynamics.com
Mon Oct 22 01:47:23 CDT 2001

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> Bart Symons wrote:
> > Installation of the Microsoft Word viewer (97/2000) and 
> Powerpoint viewer 
> > fail in the second dialog of the installation wizard.
> > I'm using a Wine configuration (latest Codeweavers) without any 
> original 
> > Windows DLLs.
> > 
> > Does anyone have a working config with these two apps?
> > 
> No. Wine will almost certainly run them once extracted, but I can't get 
> the f**ing thing (wordview) to install. I gather wine has issues with 
> the new "Microsoft Installer" or msi, and with new versions of 
> InstallShield as well.
> I was able to extract the files from the self-extracting installer 
> archive with cabextract, but alas its not a program you seem to be able 
> to just ditch in a directory and run. Needs the installer.
> I fear we may need to wait 'till the wine folks have got a handle on the 
> msi installation process.
while your waiting try

wv www.wvware.com

or even staroffice

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