pc freezes when trying to load hl

Tilman Jeske t_jeske at gmx.de
Mon Oct 22 12:00:49 CDT 2001

me again, and it didn't work...

"Daniel Sabo" <sorry at nospam.com> schrieb im Newsbeitrag
news:3578.3bd18fac.41c88 at wine2.winehq.com...
> In article <9qrj9q$27e$03$1 at news.t-online.com>, "Tilman Jeske"
> <t_jeske at gmx.de> wrote:
> >> Try 20010510 or the latest CVS (NOT the latest release though).
> >
> > i downloaded 20010510 and compiled it, this time it was even harder to
> > install halflife because the installation window sometimes disappeared.
> Sorry about that...

at the end i got it...

> > opengl works for sure: i am able to play tuxracer, unreal tournament,
> > quake3arena and return to castle wolfenstein mp test (all linux
> > versions, no wine needed...)
> > i forgot to write to log file, but i wrote down the last line that is
> > displayed after hanging (yes, it hangs too with this version you said me
> > to use):
> > fixme:ddraw:Main_DirectDraw_SetCooperativeLevel
> > (0x44960034)->(00000000,00000008)
> > maybe u now what to do...
> No, that's a harmless one too. Did you try it without -desktop? I'v had
> nothing but problems with that.

yes, i tried without -desktop. i didn't worked...any ideas left?

> Daniel


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