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daniel huhardeaux dh at tootai.com
Mon Oct 22 17:06:27 CDT 2001

Le Lundi 22 Octobre 2001 21:55, vous avez écrit :

> ...but, is there any way I
> can save my e-mails from outlook ex. and outlook so that it is possible
> to reinstall them as e-mails on my new hardisk.

If I good remember, your mails are stored in directory program 
files->application/data->microsoft->ie-> ... and then long name like 
{1234567890123456789abcd} Try to look for dbx extension and you will find 
them. Normally this files have same name that mailbox in OE (inbox, send 
...) Perhaps you can also try to ask forproperties of your OE 
directories: depending on OE version, it can give you name of folders. 

Hope it help you.
daniel.huhardeaux at tootai.com

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