HOMM3 and DirectPlay

gerard patel g.patel at wanadoo.fr.invalid
Tue Oct 23 13:09:11 CDT 2001

On 23 Oct 2001 08:59:36 -0700, protomech at yahoo.com (Protomech) wrote:

>Using a recent build of wine (20011023 and previous) I've gotten
>heroes of might and magic 3 working, minus networking :/  After doing
>a full install in WINE (with fake windows), attempting to run the game
>came up with the 'unable to initialize resources - possible disk
>problem'.  Examination of the output of wine --debugmsg
>+relay,+text,+string Heroes3.exe indicates that the game is looking
>for the data files (located in a Data subdirectory) as Datafilename,
>rather than Data/filename. 

I'll be interested to see a -debugmsg +relay,+file,+dosfs, please.

> After copying the data files to the root
>installation directory and prepending 'Data' to the filename, the game
>starts and runs correctly.  However, networking seems to be broken -
>attempting to create a TCP/IP game results in the following error:    
>   DirectPlay Error:    'Unknown Error?'    C:\Dev\Heroes 3 Exp
>2\Game\remote.cpp    Line #1867        and 'locking' of the game.     
>examination of the output of wine --debugmsg +dplay Heroes3.exe
>doesn't reveal anything meaningful - I'll post a link to this output
>if it is helpful.  What is the status of DirectPlay in wine (HOMM3
>uses DirectX 6.1, if that's helpful).  What is a good direction to
>start in, for looking at what's happening and how to fix it? Using an
>updated Debian 2.3 'woody' installation on a k7 box with sufficient
>memory, etc.

It's unclear if it's really a directplay error or a networking error.
If you can post a link to a +relay,+winsock trace instead. I may be 
able to find the problem if it's networking (probably not if it's
a directX issue, alas)


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