How can I start a Linux app from a Win32 app under Wine?

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Tue Oct 23 14:15:06 CDT 2001

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Hey, thanks. I had always thought this was not possible, so I never even
tried :-)

However, I've found a minor problem: Wine seems to return an error code
to the Windows app when launching a native app (either a script or an ELF
binary). More precisely, it returns 0, which according to include/winerror.h
is either NO_ERROR or ERROR_SUCCESS (error founds: 0 errors? That was
supposed to be a joke).

The problem with this is that after correctly launching the native app, the
Windows program shows an error dialog. Now, that would be harmless, were
not for the fact that it steals the focus, which makes it a hassle.

I've observed this behavior with Forté Agent, which shows in the error
dialog "Unable to execute e:\app.exe c:\temp\file.jpg (Windows error 0)"
and with UltraEdit32, "Error creating process0: e:\app.exe"

My wine version is 20011004 that I compiled myself. 

Does anybody now what is going on?

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