installing/running Monkey Island 3 and 4

Michael Pearce chuzwuzza at
Tue Oct 23 22:37:04 CDT 2001

On Tue, 23 Oct 2001 17:54:17 +0200 (CEST)
Rune Elvemo <relvemo at> wrote:

> I have problems running Monkey Island 3 here. Installing it works fine,
> but the problems comes when trying to run it. When pressing "Play Game" (I
> think that's what the button says), the program just wants to install
> DirectX 5.0. I guess that trying to install it is NOT an option, when
> you're using wine.
> Second, installing Monkey Island 4 is not successful, because you have
> this insert cd#2 in the middle of it all, and I'm not able to change cd.
> Supermount is not an option here, since there is no patch for later 2.4.X
> kernels. So any other way to get around that?
> If anyone would like to help me, I would be VERY grateful!
> Thank you in advance!
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I've managed to install and play monkey island 3 using transgamings wineX ( it works absolutely flawlessly. as for monkey island 4, neitehr the regular wine or wineX is able to run it. they used to be able to -- i remember playing it about 6 months ago in both wineX and regular wine. as for installing it, just choose a custom install and remove all the checks in the checkboxes that are presented. this results in an 8MB install and doesn't require teh changing of discs. but as I say, wine doesn't seema able to run it at the moment. it gives an error "cannot find files"

--Michael Pearce

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