wine and openwall kernel-patch

Vladimir Melnik melnik at
Wed Oct 24 03:40:51 CDT 2001

Is it possible to run wine on openwall-patched linux kernel?

Invoking /opt/wine/bin/wine.bin /home/ftp/pub/windows/telnet/putty.exe
err:win32:do_relocations Standard load address for a Win32 program not
available - patched kernel ?
err:win32:do_relocations FATAL: Need to relocate
Z:\home\ftp\pub\windows\telnet\putty.exe, but no relocation records
present (stripped during link). Try to run that file directly !
/opt/wine/bin/wine.bin: can't exec
'/home/ftp/pub/windows/telnet/putty.exe': error=21
Wine failed with return code 21

:( What to do?


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