trying to get ie ?in/on? wine working

Paul Czerwionka paul.c at
Wed Oct 24 08:21:15 CDT 2001

i am trying to get my ie running in wine ... but all i get is a clean exit, 
but no ie window?
using cmdline:
wine /windows/Programme/Internet\ Explorer/iexplore.exe

i am running debian unstable, Wine release 20011004, and mounted my win2000 
partition on /windows ... ultraedit by the way is working ... so i suppose 
my general wine is working i just have to find the right settings for ie.

i trying all the stuff in the wine app database but most of them are 
refering to win98

with the following 
cmd line:
wine --winver win2000 -dll shlwapi,shfolder=n /windows/Programme/Internet\ 

i get:
There may be more fonts available - try increasing the value of MAX_FONTS
(0x405c5850,0x00100001,0x405c5828,0x405c5840,0x00000007,0x00000010) stub
(0x00000008,0x403f7a68,0x00000030,0x405c5a2c) stub
Wine exited with a successful status

i dont know if thats the problem but how do i actually increase the 
MAX_FONTS value? couldnt find anything in the config?

in hope to get an answer
        paul czerwionka

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