Printing with CUPS and missing deadkeys

Alejandro Geberovich ageberovich at
Wed Oct 24 09:03:09 CDT 2001

Im Artikel <3bd34ea0.9834150 at> schrieb "gerard patel"
<g.patel at>:

> On Sun, 21 Oct 2001 21:30:45 +0200, "Alejandro Geberovich"
> <ageberovich at> wrote:
>>The following is taken from the Wine Documentation:
>>If you are using CUPS, you do not need to configure .ini or registry
>>entries, everything is autodetected.
>>It doesn't work, though. Anyone knows another way to get CUPS to work?
>>In Linux it works perfectly. The applications prompt that they can't
>>find a printer driver. How can you make windows know there is a printer
> I don't know - it works for me.
> Maybe run with -debugmsg +winspool could help to understand what happens
> - redirect to a file with &>file.txt and post the result here. And
> please givet the exact Wine version you use and some details about your
> system (distro, kernel and glibc version, and if you installed custom
> libraries by yourself)
>>The next problem:
>>I've a german keyboard. Under Linux, I have all the deadkeys. When
>>running wine, I can't use them. Doesn't wine use the settings from
>>XF86Config? In which wine config file do I add the option LANG=De (with
> AFAIK dead keys don't work (I replied to the same problem a few days
> ago, btw)
> Gerard

My Wine version is 20011017, Kernel 2.2.16, glibc 2.2-9, Distro SuSE
7.0 and I have not installed custom libraries by myself. This is the
output of  wine -debugmsg +winspool amipro.exe:

err:win:WIN_FindWndPtr window 10021 belongs to other process



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