remotely displayed programs run only once

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Thu Oct 25 10:43:35 CDT 2001

keith frost <pfrostie at> wrote in message news:<20011023152057.10823.qmail at>...
> Ok, start looking at the nuts and bolts.


OK, here is what I've found...

1)  the HPUX box was set to run in a non-standard mode, e.g.:
    # /dev/crt = HP VISUALIZE-FXE(2)
      Screen /dev/crt
      DefaultVisual Class TrueColor Depth 24 Layer Image Transparent
      MonitorSize 21 Inches

This creates a problem when wine tries to decide what to do with the
detected visual->class in
~/wine/graphics/x11drv/palette.c line 117 
               { <<do stuff here>>

2)  As I said before, wine gets it right the first time through: I had
it spit out the visual->class (PseudoColor) before executing the
switch, and also the color depth (256).  On the second run,
visual->class is reported as TrueColor/StaticColor and palette size is
0 (which it should be when in TrueColor mode, right?), which then
causes wine to get confused and puke when trying to create the parent

3)  When I place the HPUX box in the following standard mode, e.g.:
    # /dev/crt = HP VISUALIZE-FX10(2)
     Screen /dev/crt
       DefaultVisual Class TrueColor Depth 24 Layer Image
       MonitorSize 21 Inches

wine performs perfectly on multiple runs, however, in 8 or 16 bit
mode, the same problem exists (run once and never, ever again till
Xserver is restarted).

4)  You may or may not be interested in this, but the reason for
running the HPUX box in that non-standard mode was to allow
Unigraphics v.15 to run on HPUX 11.0.  It is a hack job, but it works
with all other apps I've run remotely.

5)  Whomever takes care of the visual->class detection in this project
might want to look into this problem, although, soon there will be no
reason for anyone to run at color depths below 24, so the point might
become moot.  This is not to say that wine doesn't work at color
depths other than 24, it is only to say that with my limited ability,
I can't seem to make it work.

Thanks for the help Keith, Gerard, and Jose S.

=-=-Larry 2names

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