Printing with CUPS and missing deadkeys

Alejandro Geberovich ageberovich at
Thu Oct 25 15:50:48 CDT 2001

Im Artikel <3bd6ea8c.940080 at> schrieb "gerard patel"
<g.patel at>:

> On Wed, 24 Oct 2001 16:03:09 +0200, "Alejandro Geberovich"
> <ageberovich at> wrote:
>>My Wine version is 20011017, Kernel 2.2.16, glibc 2.2-9, Distro SuSE 7.0
>>and I have not installed custom libraries by myself. This is the output
>>of  wine -debugmsg +winspool amipro.exe:
>>err:win:WIN_FindWndPtr window 10021 belongs to other process
> I don't see how trying to print with an application could output no
> trace with -debugmsg +winspool...Did you try to print ? Did the app
> output an error message ?
> Gerard

On startup if the app I get following error message (translated from
german, may not be exact):

No Printer driver found. Using screen properties to format.

After pressing ok, the app works normally. When trying to print, I get
this one:

Document cannot be printed. Install the correct printer driver and try


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