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Daniel Franklin daniel at
Thu Oct 25 17:59:51 CDT 2001

Pete wrote:
> Folks,
> I last saw this problem in a thread in this newsgroup a couple of years 
> ago, but there was no solution then.
> It was then stated that you couldn't get a SoundBlaster Live sound card to 
> work under Wine because Windows 'ran' everything through the emu10k1.vxd 
> file and Wine did not support vxd files.
> Is this still the case?
> Has anyone found a workaround yet?

Why not just use the Linux driver?? It's in the standard 2.4 kernel (and is
available for 2.2). 2.4.13 is probably the best choice at the moment. It
works great for me. If you're more adventurous download the utils from and play with some of the more interesting
features of the card (such as writing your own DSP code to download onto the
EMU10K1 processor :)

- Daniel

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