Maier Gerfried moali at
Fri Oct 26 04:38:05 CDT 2001


I just got wine011023 (a striped tgz binary-archive), unpacked it into
my home-dir and exported the library-path as mentioned in the
Obviously the config-file format seems to have changed, so the
wine-howto was useless for configuration.

I tried to generate a config-file ("config") with the "wineconf"-script
(from the tool-directioy) and placed it in ~/.wine/

I'm now able to start wine without any error-message.

When I try to run a progam, for examle:
wine -winver w98 /mnt/win/windows/write.exe
wine complains about the LANG-envirunment-variable.  Exporting
LANG=de_DE makes this complaint disappear.
when I try to run a program again (like above),
wine works around a while but terminates then without any further
message.  This seems a bit stange to me.

Can anybody help me with my problem?

Maier Gerfried

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