Printing with CUPS and missing deadkeys

Alejandro Geberovich ageberovich at
Fri Oct 26 06:31:44 CDT 2001

Im Artikel <3bd8a0ae.54088148 at> schrieb "gerard patel"
<g.patel at>:

> On Thu, 25 Oct 2001 22:50:48 +0200, "Alejandro Geberovich"
> <ageberovich at> wrote:
>>On startup if the app I get following error message (translated from
>>german, may not be exact):
>>No Printer driver found. Using screen properties to format.
>>After pressing ok, the app works normally. When trying to print, I get
>>this one:
>>Document cannot be printed. Install the correct printer driver and try
> Is your app a 16 bits application ?
> Gerard

Yes, the apps is 16 Bit.
When trying a 32 bits app (Word Pro), the error message is quite

Printer Driver EPSON Stylus Photo 870 cannot be loaded. Word Pro formats
for screen

I tried it with other drivers, like Postscript from HP or Adobe. The
error message is the same.


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