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Fri Oct 26 07:34:08 CDT 2001

Peter Jay Salzman <p at> wrote:
> Hello,

> I was reading the docs and have a few questions:

> 1. I compile wine from the daily debian repository at
>    Do I still need to first remove the old wine before dpkg'ing a newly
>    compiled wine source?
Not on Debian. rpm, yes.

> 2. I plan on installing wine WITH Windows.   Can I still use winesetuptk?
Sure !

>    I can ignore installation on wine-lib, right?

> 3. Copyright issues aside, would the most effective policy be to collect
>    every ".dll" file on a Win98 machine and copy them all over to
>    /C/System on my system?  My girlfriend keeps a dual boot around.
Yeah, but better copy *.dll, *.exe, *.ini (and maybe others).

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