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Sat Oct 27 05:43:39 CDT 2001

Ira Fuchs <fuchs at> wrote:
: I tried running Pinball.exe (comes with
: Windows 2000) and got the following message after the Pinball splash
: screen blinked on the screen for an instant and then exited:

: fixme:mci:MCI_LoadMciDriver Couldn't load driver for type PINBALL.MID
: If you don't have a Windows installation accessible from Wine,
: your perhaps forgot to create a [mci] section in system.ini.

: I have an [mci] section in system.ini. Can anyone tell me how to make
: this work or will it not run under Wine?

Start the games again. It works! Albeit unbelievalbe slow. That was at least
on my system withe the pinball.exe from WinMe. 


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