Problem: Black Screen after starting StarCraft...

PUYDT Julien julien.puydt1 at
Sat Oct 27 06:53:20 CDT 2001

Dans l'article <18258545.S40VBb9nUP at>, "Martin
Eitzenberger" <psiplus at> a écrit:

> Hi!
> If I try to start StarCraft in Wine, the screen is switching resolution
> (1024x768 -> 640x480), getting black, and stop.
> Debian Unstable
> Wine 0.0.20011004
> XF86 4.1.0
> KDE 2.2.1
> GFXCard nVidia GeForce2 MX (Driver 1.0-1541) X is running in 1024x768,
> 24 bpp
> Could anyone help me?
> Thanx, Martin!

I can't help you, but I do have the same hard setup, I also use debian
unstable with wine daily build from, and I have the
same problem with Diablo II and Baldur's Gate! They install well, but
when I try to play, they change resolution and the story ends...

I couldn't find a solution on google and was beginning to wonder whether
I could really feel entitled to ask the question on the ng when I saw
your post...


PS1: I'm waiting for 20011027.033932 ... on a 56K modem it's long.
PS2: If anybody has any idea of a --debugmsg option to understand the
problem, I'm open to any suggestion!

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