first stabs at wine - need a bit of help

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Sat Oct 27 10:57:24 CDT 2001

Peter Jay Salzman <p at> wrote:
> Hello all,

> I'm using a Windows machine, navalle, to copy files to my Linux box, lucifer,
> which will hopefully run Wine.  I'm keeping a careful log of exactly how I
> install wine.  This is what i've done so far:

> 1. Let ~ = lucifer:/home/p/.wine/fake_windows
> 2. apt-get install wine-doc winesetuptk wine-utils wine wine-lib:

>   ii  libwine        0.20011026.033 Windows Emulator (Library)
>   pn  libwine-dev    <none>         (no description available)
>   un  libwine0.0.971 <none>         (no description available)
Hmm ? :-\

> Question 1
> ==========
> I probably need the registry (system.dat and user.dat) and win.ini.

> But these files on navalle reflect an old, running system.  There will be
> lots of "stuff" that's wrong:  hardware on navalle which isn't on lucifer,
> application dll's mentioned in the registery but missing since the app isn't
> installed on lucifer, etc.

> Is it really safe to copy the registry and win.ini to lucifer?
The small number of conflicting settings doesn't matter at all.

> Question 2
> ==========
> I guess I should ask if what I'm doing is "kosher".  Most of the
> documentation I've read about "wine with windows" assumes that wine is
> installed on a dual boot and can mount/use the Windows partition.  I'm simply
> taking files off one machine and putting them on another machine.  Is this
> a valid thing to do with wine?
Sure (see 1. ;)

> Question 3
> ==========
> Wine segfaulted on mspaint.  :(  I searched the archives of wine-user and
> found the pthread warnings (and some others) are non-fatal and not important.
> Is there a way of telling Wine to surpress certain types of warnings?  It
> would be nice to tell Wine to ixnay the pthread warnings so I don't have to
> wade through the tons of output that debug generates.
--debugmsg +fixme-all or similar.

Andreas Mohr, Renningen, Germany
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