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Sat Oct 27 11:00:18 CDT 2001

Kevin <kpodgursky at> wrote:
> On Friday 26 October 2001 04:48 pm, you wrote:
>> Thank for your help.
>> Here is my problem:
>> If you enter several instruction as : "forward 100", "right 10", ...
>> normally all the instructions are copied in the "Commander" window.
>> So by double-clicking on the instructions you avoid typing.
>> On Windows, it works, on Wine, it does not. Only the last instruction is
>> displayed in the "Commander window".
> Yes, I see the same behavior. Unfortunely, I have no solotion. Perhaps
> one of the developers will give it a go. The app is available at

--debugmsg +relay,+text,+edit,+listview might help with debugging.
For functional docu, see

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